P-hailing riders in Segamat lose income due to floods

03 Mar 2023 12:51pm
P-hailing riders in Segamat lose income due to floods. - Photo: BERNAMA
P-hailing riders in Segamat lose income due to floods. - Photo: BERNAMA

SEGAMAT - A food deliveryman or p-hailing rider waited 12 hours to receive delivery orders during this period but it was all in vain due to the flood situation in the district.

Mazwan Abdul Rahman, 42, who works full-time as food delivery rider for the past two years, was unable to earn any income due to the floods in the district since Tuesday.

"After two days of not being able to go out to work, I tried to find alternative routes but when I reached Segamat town, the area was still inundated with flood waters and impassable to light vehicles especially motorcycles.

"As it was cloudy weather today (Thursday), I waited 12 hours along this route, connecting Segamat Baharu, IOI, Kampung Jawa and several other areas, with the hope that I would be able to get food deliveries, but was disappointed,” said Mazwan, who lives around Segamat town.

He said although several routes are now open to light vehicles, eateries affected by the floods are still closed.

He said the floods affected his income for two days, adding that he usually earns between RM150 and RM200 a day.

Another p-hailing rider, Mohd Norshamir Hamidi, 24, said that he has been unable to make deliveries for two days due to the flood situation in Segamat.

"I left home since morning but was disappointed as many shops in Segamat town are still closed as residents are affected by the floods.

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"I am a full-time p-hailer and my daily income is around RM150, but due to this situation (floods), my income is affected,” he said.

A Bernama survey at Jalan Muar-Segamat on Thursday found a group of food delivery riders gathered at the Segamat old bridge waiting for the flood waters to recede following the overflow of water from Sungai Segamat in that area.

Several shop owners including hotel staff in Segamat town were seen cleaning up their premises after flood waters in their areas receded.

Segamat is among 10 districts in Johor affected by floods since Monday following continuous heavy rain in the areas. - BERNAMA

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