Where is Malaysia's voice as superpowers puppet the UN in Russia-Ukraine conflict?

04 Mar 2023 03:39pm
Ezam Mohd Nor
Ezam Mohd Nor

SHAH ALAM: Malaysia should not be dragged into the theatrical hypocrisy of hogwashing facts that bely the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the corridors of the United Nations (UN), but instead be a voice in pushing for a neutral bloc resolution to the atrocities that are dragging on, Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) deputy president Datuk Ezam Mohd Nor said today.

In jotting a statement entitled "The Ukraine War and Superpower Hypocrisy", Ezam outlined the fact that the UN itself had become a tool and the purveyor of prejudicial narratives that do not seek resolutions based on the underlying cause of the conflict and serve the purpose of superpowers that are the root of the problem.

"Our struggle in upholding the sanctity of our human race should not only be confined to stopping the ongoing war but more importantly to also find the underlying cause of the dispute and conflict. Only then will we find the formula for a lasting peace in Ukraine and all other parts of the world," said Ezam.

"The episode in Ukraine originates from a long simmering geopolitical conflict of interests among the superpowers, Ukraine’s own unresolved internal conflicts and a provocative coming by one superpower into the face of the other. Attempting to pin all blame on just Russia and calling for a cease-fire and withdrawal without looking into the historical facts underlying the conflict and the immediate preceding events that led to the war is plain hogwash."

This he said, was while the UN and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) had long had their hands soiled by conflicts in various parts of the world, from the Balkans to the Middle East and North Africa.

"Neither the USA nor NATO nations are free from sins and wrongdoings against humanity. The smell of the blood from what they did in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and so many other countries is still there, and they simply just do not have the moral high ground to be seen as the saviors of universal human dignity and values," said Ezam.

He thus called for the unalligned nations to form a neutral bloc resistance in this clash of superpowers if peace was the objective of all.

"It is the UN members that must rise to ensure the Role of the UN as a Neutral World Body, courageous and truly upholding high moral principles purely for the sake of humanity," he said.

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"They cannot and must not be seen as a tool and instrument of the USA and its allies, even as they sit and pass their resolutions in New York. Unilateral Sanctions and Unilateral Impounding of National Wealth and the wealth of citizens needs to be condemned for the pillage, plunder and piracy that it is."

Ezam said Malaysia, as a UN member state, must emerge as a brave voice, pursuing high moral standards to ensure the UN truly represents the world and not that of the superpowers that opress the rest.

"The failure on the part of the UN and its members to play this crucial role will dampen any steps and peace efforts in Ukraine or any part of this world. The world body will degenerate into becoming the facilitator of the world's superpowers and elites who create and fight war to win profits for the arms dealers at tremendous cost of human lives and misery," he said.

"PRM urges the Malaysian government to come out strong against these atrocities and not be part of those who would make the UN a mere tool of the USA, NATO and its allies. The dignity of the human race and a peaceful life for all in this world can only be realised if the world body itself is released from the unfair and biased interest of the evil elites of the world."