Two dead, one severely injured in bomb explosion in Narathiwat

04 Mar 2023 04:54pm
picture for illustrative purposes - 123rf
picture for illustrative purposes - 123rf
NARATHIWAT - Two bomb squad officers were killed while one was seriously injured in a bomb blast incident in Narathiwat, southern Thailand, on Friday.

In the incident at about 3.30pm (local time) on Friday, a homemade bomb was detonated when the convoy of security forces carrying the Deputy Army Commander of the Fourth Division, Major General Paisan Nusang, passed by the area.

Si Sakhon police chief Pol. Col. Pakkawat Wansanook said the convoy was on its way to an area where a bombing and exchange of fire at rangers’ headquarters in Kampung Air Kasea in Si Sakorn took place on Thursday.

The scene of Friday's bomb blast was located about 800 metres from the rangers’ base.

"When the convoy of security forces arrived at the scene, a homemade bomb planted on the side of the road was detonated.

"The strong explosion caused the military jammer vehicle that the bomb squad was riding in to soar and overturn. Two members of the bomb squad died at the scene while another was seriously injured.

"A group of unknown men also opened fire at the convoy. The shooting incident continued for about five minutes before leaving the scene," he told reporters here.

Pakkawat added that Paisan, who was in one of the four convoy vehicles, was not injured - BERNAMA

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