Umno elections: Unity the basis of Umno revival - Shahar

11 Mar 2023 02:56pm

SHAH ALAM - On a mission to unite Umno Youth and return to founding principles, nourishing the unity as the key fundamentals of their strength in the past, which will form the basis of their revival, Umno youth chief candidate Datuk Mohd Shahar Abdullah believes delegates would pin their votes behind him to ensure steady progress in trying times for the party through their elections.

Shahar, who is also the Paya Besar member of Parliament said that the most important reform is that Umno members need to return to the foundations of Umno’s establishment.

"What used to make us so strong? Unity, loyalty and aberrant service. Holding on to that spirit, we need to make Umno a party that is respected because of our wisdom, courage, loyalty and morality," said Shahar.

"I would also like to express my commitment through the five principles of ‘Tekad Kita Pemuda’, namely restoring trust, strengthening unity, fostering excellence in talent, restoring the economy and building the next generation so that the foundation of Umno’s youth struggle can continue to be devoted to the religion and country," he told Sinar Daily.

Shahar said that he realised that the challenges and pressures faced by the party were enormous, especially after the defeat of Barisan Nasional in the 14th general elections and this was the reason why the rakyat's dwindling trust in Umno, which continued to decline in the 15th general election.

"If I am given the opportunity in the future, I will definitely continue to respect every past youth leader because, thanks to their efforts and struggles, we the youth can be at this stage.

"Every view and criticism will also be taken seriously, even if they do not please the new leadership, because all the views and criticism are actually intended to help the youth and the continuation of this party we love," he said.

Shahar also believed that regardless of who is the leader of the youth wing, the machinery and the soul must be united so that the unity of the institution can be strengthened.

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He added that since the beginning of the Umno Youth struggle 76 years ago, the leadership and membership of the group had shifted from generation to generation.

"Nevertheless, I am confident that the opportunities and space that Umno has given me over the years to gain experience in student, youth, and government leadership can be applied to bring youth leadership to a higher level by becoming a wing of the party that has strong unity, respect and trust, both among party supporters and Malaysians as a whole.

For the future of Malaysia, he added, it was important for youth to speak freely, dare to express their thoughts and emotions, act swiftly, always make wise choices and, most importantly, dare to accept responsibility for all flaws that arise.

Other than Shahar, three other candidates running for the youth chief seat are Melaka Health and Anti-Drug executive council chairman Dr Muhamad Akmal who is also Merlimau state legislative assemblyman, Umno Supreme Council members Datuk Armand Azha Abu Hanifah and Meor Hassan Mat Ali.

There are 113 candidates eyeing the vice president and executive committee posts.

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