The strategy of changing voting areas is not something new

16 Mar 2023 08:08am
Photo for illustrative purposes only - FILEPIC
Photo for illustrative purposes only - FILEPIC

SHAH ALAM - A recent issue went viral on social media recently, about an alledged tactic to win the state elections (PRN) by Perikatan Nasional (PN) supporters, which is by switching voting areas.

This particular tactic was revealed by former Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sungai Besar candidate in the last GE15 elections, Saipolyazan M Yusop through his Twitter account.

Saipolyazan claimed the tactic of changing voters' polling areas , especially those who have voted for state assemblies during GE15 is so that PN is able to win over another state especially Selangor.

"If the law allows it, then just publish valid voters prior for the upcoming PRN," he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Commenting on the allegation, election analyst Dr G Manimaran said the tactic of changing supporters' polling areas as a strategy to win the election does not come as a shock.

In fact, he explained, it is a planned tactic for any political party to win their desired states.

“It has happened before, not just during general elections but also state elections.

"Once there was a claim (that such an incident happened) in Terengganu between 1999 and 2004 which is after GE in 1999.

"After that, the same situation was claimed to happen but it was hard to prove as something that is against the law," he told Sinar on Wednesday.

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Manimaran however said the issue needs to be investigated and looked into to ensure that it is a valid allegation.

"We have to see the number of voters in the latest voters registration this upcoming one or two months.

"That situation cannot be dismissed considering that for the first time in history there were six states which did not dissolve their state governments so that the state electiona could be held concurrently with GE15 last November.

"So, there is room to move voters or encourage supporters of certain parties to change voting areas to a state where the party targets to win in the election," he said

Manimaran added that the Election Commission (EC) needs to intervene against the voter registration system, as it enables them to change voting addresses at will.

"Under the current law, a registered voter can move or change their voting address following their MyKad address, or willingly change their address in MyKad.

"In politics, for me there will be parties using this legal loopholes for their political interests.

"Perhaps the EC should study this matter, which becomes a frequent issue," he said.