Resolve the issue of long waiting periods to apply for PPR

23 Mar 2023 07:31am
Issues involving the PPR project need to be given serious attention.
Thumbnail: Mohd Hisamudin
Issues involving the PPR project need to be given serious attention. Thumbnail: Mohd Hisamudin

KUALA LUMPUR - The government has been asked to state efforts or measures taken to deal with the problem of long waiting periods for people applying for People's Housing Projects (PPR) in Kuala Lumpur.

SenatorD atuk Mohd Hisamudin Yahaya told the upper hpuse that the problem has been ongoing for a long time and that no solution has been found.

He also raised the question of whether the plan to build low-cost homes to help the B40 group would still continue.

"I would like to draw everyone's attention to discuss the difficulties and concerns of the people regarding the issue of quality and affordable home ownership

"We understand that there are still many Kuala Lumpur residents in the B40 group who are still waiting in the system to rent low-cost houses from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)," he said during the Royal Decree debate session at the Dewan Negara meeting here on Wednesday.

Mohd Hisamudin said that the issue involving PPR projects needs to be given serious attention by the government, considering that many people are struggling with the constraints of owning their own homes.

He explained that the results of PropertyGuru Malaysia's Second Half 2022 Consumer Sentiment Survey found that 51 per cent of respondents stated that they were not eligible to apply for the government's affordable housing scheme and could not afford to buy property without financial assistance.

In fact, he further added that the situation got worse when the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) went up by 25 basis points on Nov 3, 2022, which was the 4th consecutive increase for the year and is currently at 2.75.

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"The economic situation that has not recovered together with inflation has made the issue of home ownership for the B40 group difficult to achieve," he said.

In addition, Mohd Hisamudin also suggested that the government re-implement the home ownership campaign that had been done before.

Through its implementation, he said, it is hoped to help those who want to own a house.