Umno failed to re-define its struggle, analyst echo Tun Mahathir's view

25 Mar 2023 11:42pm
Umno failed to re-define its struggle, analyst echo Tun Mahathir's view - FILEPIC
Umno failed to re-define its struggle, analyst echo Tun Mahathir's view - FILEPIC

SHAH ALAM - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad might be right, Umno did fail to redefine its struggle, say political analysts.

Universiti Putra Malaysia political analyst Datuk Prof Dr Jayum Anak Jawan said Umno has failed to redefine its struggle since its focus was only on Malays instead of the nation as a whole.

"Umno failed to re-defined its struggle after it successfully helped attain independence in 1957.

"Umno also has failed to find a new direction as the 'power' in Malaya and in Malaysia. It cannot be focused on Malays because who is in power must have the mindset of helping everyone," he said.

However, Jayum said the failure for Umno to reform cannot be placed on to any of its leaders.

"All Umno leaders that came after Malaya’s independence have the same limited mind-set to help the Malays and not the nation of many ethnicities

"In some sense, Dr Mahathir was right but he also contributed to Umno veering from the course. that it should have refocused after the Malaya era and especially after Malaysia was formed ," he said.

When asked on whether the former Prime Minister's comments are relevant now or is it just creating racial tensions, Jayum said the former prime minister's comments was not completely true.

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"Partly, Umno needs to find new direction. It cannot be limiting it's struggle to help Malays if it wants to return to power.

"The party must reach out to the non-Malays who form an important component of Malaysia. Umno must wake up to the reality that it is in Malaysia and 'not' in Malaya.

"Malaysians are matured and what Mahathir says will not throw Malaysia into disarray," he stressed.

He was commenting on Dr Mahathir's claim that Umno has abandoned its original struggle and now all that's left is to save its leaders from being involved in crime.

Meanwhile Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) political analyst Dr Abdul Aziz Azizam echoed Dr Mahathir's claims that Umno is now used as a tool for the benefit of their leaders.

"Umno is a Malay-Muslim party, when the party supports leaders who have court charges, it will also have an impact on Islam because such an image is not good for the Muslim identity.

"What will other races and religions think of Malay-Muslims when they allow or maintain individuals with court charges to become their leaders? Are there no other individuals who are clean within or among the Malays to lead Umno?," he questioned.

"Furthermore, when the top two positions in Umno are not contested during their party election recently, and individuals who oppose and become a potential threat are expelled and suspended from the party , it is quite clear to reflect what Tun Mahathir said about Umno where the party is used as a tool for the benefit of their leaders," he said.