Highest number of asylum-seekers in Malaysia consist of Rohingyas


29 Mar 2023 01:25pm
A total of 14,349 Rohingyas have applied as asylum-seekers in Malaysia. - Illustrative photo FILEPIC
A total of 14,349 Rohingyas have applied as asylum-seekers in Malaysia. - Illustrative photo FILEPIC

KUALA LUMPUR - Rohingya ethnic refugees recorded the highest number of asylum-seekers in Malaysia at the moment.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Sabah, Sarawak Affairs and Special Duties) Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali said based on the statistics of up until December 2022 by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are a total of 14,349 of Rohingya's who have applied to seek asylum.

In addition, he said the group also recorded the largest number of refugess in the country.

"Refugees and asylum-seekers from Myanmar are the highest group in the country with a total of 158,165 people (86.43 per cent) a majority of them are from the Rohingya ethnic group at a total of 106,129 people (67.10 per cent) comprimising of 91,780 (86.48 per cent) refugees and 14,349 (13.52 per cent) asylum-seekers," he said through a written answer in the Dewan Rakyat.

He said this in response to a question from Syerleena Abdul Rashid (PH - Bukit Bendera) who asked him to state the number of Rohingya refugees and asylum-seekers registered under UNHCR.

Armizan added that there is a total of 182,990 refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia from 59 countries recorded as of last December.

On Tuesday, lawyer Norman Fernandez stressed that Rohingya refugees should not be given special treatment but instead should be chastised following their rude attitude and for breaking the country's law.

He said the government needs to be strict as the ethnic group had allegedly become more daring and are of the view that they are permanent residents of this country.

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Sinar Ahad had recently reported that Merhom had urged for xenopohic activities and hate campaigns against Rohingya refugees in the country to stop.

Its president Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani said his party had received many reports of hate crimes from Rohingya refugee victims including hit-and-run cases and physical attacks.