Owner, tenants seek benefits in the Residential Tenancy Bill

31 Mar 2023 11:55pm
 The Residential Tenancy Bill expected to the tabled in the Dewan Rakyat by next year - FILEPIX
The Residential Tenancy Bill expected to the tabled in the Dewan Rakyat by next year - FILEPIX

SHAH ALAM - The Residential Tenancy Bill that is expected to be tabled in Parliament may benefit both landlords and tenants.

As a property owner, Susanti Asril, 51, agreed that when the Bill comes into effect, it can be used as a guide to solve the various problems and issues with the tenants renting her house.

"I have encountered many issues with my tenant, one of them was that we both agreed that rent should be paid on the 25th.

"But somehow the tenant didn’t fulfil the rent for two months before leaving my house without notice," she said.

Susanti claimed she also had to bear the damages and the utilities that were left unpaid by the tenants.

In terms of regulating the rent, Susanti suggested it was important for the government to synchronise or apply the range to the rental.

Meanwhile, Alyaa Najihah Azahar, 26, also acknowledged the benefit if the government brings up the Residential Tenancy Bill in Parliament.

It was a good move since both the tenant and owner could reach a mutual agreement and fairness, she added.

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"Sometimes, owners increase the price of rent at an inconsiderable rate, citing the rising economy.

"But so far I’ve never encountered disputes with my landlords, and they were really understandable and trusted us, the tenants, to take good care of their house," she said.

However, Alyaa, who is renting a house in the Klang Valley area, suggested that the government monitor the rental rate in the area.

"Everyone is struggling with the high cost of living these days, some of them even have to do two jobs.

"It could be better if the government can set the limit of rental rates so the owners won’t put up an unreasonable price," she added.

Local media previously reported that the Residential Tenancy Bill might be tabled next year in the Dewan Rakyat.

Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir told the media last March 29 that it was aimed at supervising the relationship between unit owners and tenants.

It was also deemed necessary to seek balance on the rights and duties of both parties, as well as establish a mediating institution to resolve any dispute among parties in the residential tenancy dealings.