Contract doctors make six demands before going on strike tomorrow

02 Apr 2023 04:23pm
Mogok Doktor Malaysia Instagram post.
Mogok Doktor Malaysia Instagram post.

SHAH ALAM - Doctors hired on contract has put forward six demands to the government following a large scale strike that starts tomorrow.

Mogok Doktor Malaysia in an Instagram post said among the demands were to absorb all contract medical personnel into permanent service without any conditions or interviews.

They said the basic salary and 'on call' rate of specialists and medical personnel needs to be increased by RM40 and RM100 respectively per hour.

"Additionally, the government must solve the shortage of specialists, medical officers and medical graduates issue immediately. They also demand to reduce doctor's compulsory service to three years automatically without having to apply for it.

"We also hope the working hours and 'on call' can be reduced to no more than six times a month and working hours to be at least 60 hours in a week," the group said.

DoctorsMalaysia Instagram account has urged contract doctors all over the country to go on strike from April 3 to 5.

The group claimed more than 8,000 contract doctors would go on strike to protest "unfair systems" and "low wages".

"Dear Malaysians, do not visit any general hospitals or klinik kesihatan from April 3 to 5, 2023, as more than 8,000 contract doctors will go on strike by taking medical or emergency leave as a protest against the unfair system and low wages.

"Your waiting time is expected to be much longer than usual. Thank you. #MogokDoktorKontrak," its Intagram post on the account said.

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