Youth Ministry to look into cyber threats against shuttler Joo Ven

04 Apr 2023 05:12pm
Joo Ven. - Photo from Wires
Joo Ven. - Photo from Wires
PUTRAJAYA - The Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) will look into the cyber threats sent to national men’s singles professional shuttler Soong Joo Ven recently.

Its Minister, Hannah Yeoh said the Safe Sports Code launched by the KBS on March 15 also covered cyberbullying, as experienced by Joo Ven after he crashed out in the qualifying round of the Spain Masters in Madrid on Tuesday (March 28).

"The Safe Sports Code is to create a safe environment, it covers online threats. We have not discussed it yet with the safeguarding officer of this case, I did not even know about this case.

"But we will study it after this. We will list out ways to facilitate (athletes) to make complaints... if there is a criminal aspect, the police will investigate,” she told a media conference at the KBS facility directory, here, today.

Joo Ven, 27, had received criticisms on his social media accounts when the world number 51 failed to make the first round of the tournament proper after losing 21-19, 27-29, 16-21 (to Denmark’s Magnus Johannesen) in a qualifying round match that lasted over an hour.

The code is a guideline for a safe sports environment that emphasises the roles and responsibilities of all parties in dealing with any form of harassment and abuse.

Meanwhile, Hannah expects her ministry to receive more complaints once there is greater awareness about the Safe Sports Code.

"This is not necessarily bad, because we have an awareness now. Perhaps, new or old cases, because there is awareness, athletes will know what is wrong (after understanding the code). We must ensure athletes and coaches know the laws,” she said.

Hannah also said that she will discuss with the National Sports Council (NSC) to expedite the appointment of a coach for the national mountain bike team to replace the one suspended following the report of sexual harassment.
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