WUIF targets 1.6 billion hashtags for World #QuranHour

07 Apr 2023 01:28pm
Muslims reciting the Quran during the World #QuranHour in Malaysia on Aug 30, 2022. (Smaller image, WUIF CEO Marhaini Yusoff)
Muslims reciting the Quran during the World #QuranHour in Malaysia on Aug 30, 2022. (Smaller image, WUIF CEO Marhaini Yusoff)

SHAH ALAM - The Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation (WUIF) has targetted 1.6 billion hashtags from around the world in the biggest World #QuranHour event which will take place on April 13 (22 Ramadan).

Its chief executive officer Marhaini Yusoff said the amount was based on the World #QuranHour programme's achievement in 2019 which saw 1.46 billion hashtags involving more than 3,000 locations in 77 countries including Malaysia.

"This year we are targeting over 4,000 locations in 100 countries. Alhamdulillah, we have gained the approval to hold the event with the cooperation of Egypt, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Libya, Turkey and many more.

"However, the main challenge is to ensure that they register.

"Sometimes there are those who would follow this programme without registering and we would only know about their participation when they send in photos," she told Sinar Harian, yesterday.

The World #QuranHour this year will be held with the cooperation of the Malaysia Islamic Development Department (Jakim), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysian Public Library Directors Council (MPAM) and several media synergy partners such as Sinar Harian, Bernama, Astro Oasis, Astro Awani and TV9.

Marhaini said she hoped that all participants would register through the World #QuranHour social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

"The registration will provide the exact number of individuals participating and it would contribute towards the success of the programme.

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"We also welcome non-Muslims to join the World #QuranHour. In the previous years, the responses we received from them (non-Muslims) were quite encouraging," she said.

Marhaini said there were also non-Muslims who would like to have a deeper understanding of the words in the Quran.

She explained that Surah Al-Insan, which was the surah of choice for this year's World #QuranHour 1444H carried the theme humanising the ummah with the 11 characters of Al-Abrar (benevolent).

"The surah is very interesting to highlight. Sometimes the humanity within us could be damaged.

"Allah SWT provides guidance through the Quran and it can restore the humanity in each individual," she said.