In need of an at-home beauty device? This online platform has it all

07 Apr 2023 02:56pm
Co-founders of BeautyFoo Mall, Wilson Seah  and Joyce Foo
Co-founders of BeautyFoo Mall, Wilson Seah and Joyce Foo

Technology and skin care have merged more profusely over the last few years, especially during the pandemic where social media contributed a large role in the rise behind at-home beauty devices.

Professional aesthetic treatments are still in demand, but with the boom in skincare at-home devices, one is able to DIY it at home.

Beauty devices are aplenty in the market but one husband and wife team Joyce Foo and Wilson Seah created a beauty online platform that offers a wide range of home beauty devices, called BeautyFoo Mall.

The beauty devices offered range from head to toe, such as face lifting/firming, fat reduction, permanent hair removal, feminine care, and more.

BeautyFoo Mall is the sole authorized distributor of the world’s leading beauty devices brands such as Cellreturn (Korea), DPC (Korea), Dualsonic (Korea), Artistic & Co. (Japan), Belega (Japan), Silk'n, and more in Malaysia.

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But in Klang Valley particularly, professional aesthetic clinics can be found on almost every corner. So what prompted the duo to launch a website that offers beauty devices?

“We realized that the beauty and skincare products in the current market are unable to meet the ever-higher standards of modern beauty.

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“There was a gap in the market and we believed that home beauty devices were the key to filling that gap,” said the couple.

Of course, it does not come without its own set of challenges.

“At-home beauty devices are very new to the Malaysian market, people are not familiar with or even heard about them.

“It requires a great deal of effort to educate the Malaysian market about these home beauty devices,” they said.

But here’s the bigger question. Are at-home beauty devices really worth it? What should a customer take note of before making a purchase?

“It depends on the consumer’s needs. Before making a purchase, it’s important to know how the device actually works, this serves as a real motivation for you to start using them.

"Secondly, you need to know your habit of using the device, some devices can be used daily and some devices just need to use 1 to 2 times per week,” they added.

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Some say the alliance between big tech and the beauty industry does more harm than good. Is this true?

"Big tech and the beauty industry do more good than harm. Technology is assisting the beauty industry to blossom into its full form.

"Based on studies, we are heading towards a world with increasingly greater integration between technology and beauty," said the couple.

With more accessibility to at-home beauty devices, technology, and beauty could only get more prominent in the future.

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