'Is there space for my pet' cat hotel owners say business booming this Raya

22 Apr 2023 10:13am
Saiful Islam shows the standard cages at his cat hotel
Saiful Islam shows the standard cages at his cat hotel
KUANTAN - Cat hotel services offered during Raya holidays are in high demand, with all reservations filled within three days. Some owners have even begged for their cats to be accommodated without a cage.

However, despite the pleadings and appeals, the hotel had to turn them down politely to ensure proper care throughout their stay.

Tommy Cat Hotel and Spa owner, Saiful Islam Abdul Hamid, 35 said even though there were several other cat hotels in the area but were fully booked within just a few days.

He added that some cat hotels started accepting reservations even before Ramadan and due to that were fully booked.

"Cat owners who regularly use this service are aware of the demand and had secured a spot for their cats earlier. The cat owners have a good holiday knowing their pets are taken care well," he said.

Demand for cat hotels are also high during long school holidays and public holidays.

"Like regular hotels, cat hotels are among the facilities sought after by pet owners who intend to go on vacation or who have to leave town for work."

"Seeing the potential of the cat hotel business, my wife Aliah Nadhirah Azahar, 29, and I decided to start this business in February, in addition to providing cat grooming services and selling pet supplies," he said.

He started with 30 standard cages and two VIP cages at a rate of RM18 to RM35 per night.
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"Managing a cat hotel is not an easy task because cats are quite sensitive and are easily stressed if not properly taken care of."

He said they prioritise the welfare of the cats by taking care of their food and water, managing their waste, and scheduling their playtime.

"Their living space also needs to be comfortable and clean at all times, with good ventilation and lighting," he added.

He added that each cage is reserved for one cat for comfort even though the cage could accommodate two or three cats.

"The room is air-conditioned and equipped with a fan, air filter, and closed-circuit cameras for monitoring purposes," he added.

Saiful Islam with one of the cats at the cat hotel
Saiful Islam with one of the cats at the cat hotel

Saiful further said the hotel rooms were intentionally located on the third floor to avoid noise and to get better lighting and they used tofu litter that effectively absorbed the smell of cat feces.

Moreover, they also provide grooming services upon the owner's request. The towels used were exclusive to each cat, and they were not shared, adding that each cats must have completed vaccinations.

He said although the demand for this facility is seasonal, cat hotels are becoming a necessity for cat owners. Therefore, he and his wife plan to expand the business in the future by providing more cages to accommodate the demand.