Meet the Malaysians making Malaysia famous with global tech makers

27 Apr 2023 08:10am

To celebrate over 10 years since investing in Malaysia to develop the rare earths industry of the future, Lynas Malaysia is launching a new advertising campaign.

The campaign will feature Lynas’ own people as well as leaders from its surrounding communities and brings an element of surprise with its theme of “Who are we? We are Lynas Malaysia”.

Throughout the campaign, little known facts will be shared about the important role Lynas Malaysia and its people have been playing in global manufacturing supply chains for over 10 years.

Thanks to the expertise built in Malaysia, Lynas is now the world’s only major producer of separated rare earth materials outside China. Its people are recognised as world-leading rare earths experts and sought after all over the world.

Did you know?

  • Lynas Malaysia is a supplier to producers of technologies used in Malaysia every day – from cars to Electric Vehicles, MRIs and smartphones.
  • Lynas has invested RM3 billion in plant and equipment in Malaysia
  • Lynas spends RM730 million annually, directly supporting the Malaysian economy
  • Lynas has contributed to the creation of over 4,600 direct and indirect local jobs
  • 99 per cent of Lynas Malaysia’s staff are Malaysians
  • The average wage at Lynas Malaysia is three times the Malaysian national average
  • Four scientific reviews have confirmed that Lynas Malaysia complies with regulations and implements world’s-best practices in operations, safety and the environment.
Commenting on the new campaign, Vice-President People and Culture, Mimi Afzan Afza, said: “We are so proud of our people, our achievements and our contributions to Malaysia and global technologies and yet we have been keeping it to ourselves.

"This new campaign will share with all Malaysians the exciting role that Malaysia is playing in high tech manufacturing and highlight the care that we have for our people, our communities and the environment.”

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