TBS overcrowded, people wait in long queues fail to get entry pass

01 May 2023 10:45pm
Experiences shared by TikTok users on the overcrowded situation in TBS.
Experiences shared by TikTok users on the overcrowded situation in TBS.

SHAH ALAM - The public especially those using the bus services had to wait in long queues since 9am to get an entry pass for tickets bought online at the Southern Integrated Terminal (TBS).

Some of the passengers had shared on TikTok that they had missed their bus as they failed to get an entry pass even though the bus ticket had been bought.

A TikTok user, @iaizwani said many counters at TBS were closed even though it was currently the festive season, which caused ovecrowding at the station.

"A lot of people had already missed their busses. Only several counters were open despite knowing it is the festive season," she said.

Meanwhile, user @perjuangchinta said people had to queue for hours just to get an entry pass but still failed to do so and ended up missing the bus.

"I had already missed my bus, a tragedy on May 1, 2023. I don't even have the strength to queue at the customer service.

"My child is throwing a tantrum due to the heat and crowd," the social media user said.

Meanwhile, @khairulahzam78x said TBS should upgrade their online system to prevent similar problems from happening in the future, especially during the festive season.

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"To TBS, please upgrade the system. So many people had missed their busses even when they had bought the tickets," he said.

However, according to TikTok user @zyxuhjb, people who had bought tickets online via the TBS application no longer needed to print an entry pass, but can instead scan the code given at the departure gate.

"If you buy a ticket from the TBS app, then you don't need to print it at the counter, just scan the code at the departure gate," the user said.

Another TikTok user@zamzamin91 said buying tickets online via the TBS e-ticketing site made it easier to avoid long queues because a QR Code had already been provided in the system for scanning.

"Buying tickets on TBS e-ticketing website is easy and you will get a QR code too. At the reprint history, just take a screenshot and it can be used as entry pass," he explained.

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