'I wasn't thrilled when PM announced RM1.6 billion for Kedah' says Sanusi

03 May 2023 08:12pm
Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor - FILEPIC
Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor - FILEPIC

ALOR SETAR - Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor says he was not thrilled with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's announcement that RM1.6 billion would be allocated by the federal government specifically for Kedah.

Sanusi said this was because the allocation is not for new development projects but rather for projects that were announced by the previous government

He elaborated that the projects were a continuation of the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK-12).

"I was made to understand that the projects involved are a continuation of the RMK-12 project that has yet to be completed and is being resumed, so it's not something new. If Anwar announces new projects involving the RM1.6 billion then we also want to know.

"That's why I'm not too excited, because I have heard about it in the RMK-12 plan. All of those are already in the schedule. He just announced it again, if there are new things being announced then I want to hear about it too," he said in a press conference after chairing the exco meeting at Wisma Darul Aman, here, today.

He said this when asked to comment on Anwar's announcement about RM1.6 billion allocated for Kedah through the Madani Budget 2023 while speaking at the Malaysia Madani Aidilfitri Open House last Saturday.

Sanusi also criticised the attitude of several federal leaders who tried to confuse the people with irrelevant statements.

"Recently, a ministry had said that if the government changes, dredging works will be done so that ferries can pass 15 times a day. I want to inform that ferry services, jetty, trains, airports, are all under the Transport Ministry's jurisdiction.

"There is no need to change the government for that, the Transport Ministry will manage all of it. The state government can't do dredging works because it is under the jurisdiction of the Federal government " he said.

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He said there was no need to generate ideas that are already under the Federal government and that it was a basic thing that needs to be done for all states.

"They came to sell things like that. If people don't know then they will buy it. But the people of Kedah are all clever, So do your work and I will do mine. Don't say that we can't do it simply because I had failed. Don't be like that,' he stressed

In the meantime, Sanusi welcomed Anwar's stance, where he insisted that the Unity Government would not, in anyway, neglect the four states under Perikatan Nasional (PN).

"The government should give be cooperative. I appreciate the spirit of the Federal government. Such normal practice should continue since it's not something new.

"The Federal government has an agreement that needs to be adhered to, signed in 1963 during the formation of Malaysia. What is given by the Federal government and what can be given to the state government. Respect this concept even if the federal and state governments are different," he stressed.

He said there was no need to adopt a new concept such as only prioritising the state government that is in line with the Federal government, because it does not add value in the progress of this country.

"There is no need to adopt a new concept, if the state government is from the same leadership then it is considered special but if it not then it's not special. That is against the law and something that should not be tolerated. It will only damage what had been agreed on in the agreement," he explained.