This curler scrunchie is what you'll need for heatless curls

05 May 2023 04:10pm

My hair, as I like to describe it, is very stubborn.

For the longest time, I never bothered to curl my hair because it simply won’t hold a curl. As I mentioned - it’s stubborn.

Over the years I found ways to give it some added volume. I would tie it up in a bun before sleep so I could wake up with wavy tresses, but that too doesn’t hold for too long.

Now, a new Singapore-based pragmatic beauty brand Fii Beauty has introduced a product that can help women natural curls without heat.

Called the Cloud Curler Scrunchie, it’s what you think it is - a mashup of a curler and a scrunchie.

Why would you need a curler scrunchie when you can use a normal scrunchie, you may ask?

Well, Fii Beauty uses 100 per cent Mulberry Silk to retain moisture and locks in the hair’s natural oils to prevent dry and excessively frizzy hair.

That way, when you wrap your hair around the curler and secure it with the scrunchie, it preserves the luscious locks and promises smooth and shiny curls that will last longer than other heatless curling methods.

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Fii Beauty founder, Fiona Foo said for best results, one should leave it on overnight but otherwise, a few hours would do.

But here’s the best part - because it’s so pretty, you can easily wear it as a normal scrunchie and go about your day as per usual.

There are six distinct colours such as Pearled Ivory, Roasted Almond, Botanical Garden, Chateau Pink, Moonlight Blue, and Caviar Black.

It looks easy to wear, but it took me a few tries before I finally got the hang of it.

Fii Beauty claims it works exceptionally well for people with dry or damaged hair and even doe the trick for sleek, straight ones. Well, bring it on!

“Results with the cloud curler scrunchie are evident from the first use, it’s simple, easy, and effective — it resonated with Singaporeans.

“Making our way to Malaysia, we want to mirror the same effect here; simplify hair routines for busy women who want to bring out their individual style, without the hassle of using damaging tools.

“As a working woman myself, I know it's hard juggling with the brushes, clips, pins, and whatnot every single morning.

“But with this cloud curler, you can get your hair to look like you’ve spent hours styling it, but it's actually just a fraction of the time, without any of the hair damage,” she said.

The price per curler scrunchie will set you back to RM129 but with its recent foray into the Malaysian market, the brand is offering a storewide discount of 15 per cent for a limited time. The promo code is “MYBOLEH”.

Find out more about Fii Beauty at