Use social media to spread information about corruption

06 May 2023 10:14am
Small picture:Ikram Kuala Lumpur chairman Zainal Adnan Abdul Halim - FILEPIC
Small picture:Ikram Kuala Lumpur chairman Zainal Adnan Abdul Halim - FILEPIC

SHAH ALAM - Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia (Ikram) if of the view that educating the younger generation on corruption at the school or university levels is not enough because the issue needs to be presented through fresh approaches.

Ikram Kuala Lumpur chairman Zainal Adnan Abdul Halim said the method of fighting corruption needs to be looked at comprehensively and in accordance with the current context.

"The method of exposing corruption at the level of educational institutions is not ineffective, but it also needs to be included through approaches such as short videos or dramas so that it is more relatable to teenagers and the public.

"As the party responsible for curbing the problem of corruption, we need to always be aware of current changes and technology so as not to be left behind so that we can remain relevant in conveying information about the crime," he told Sinar

Zainal further added that all forms of videos or dramas related to crime must also be uploaded to social media sites such TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

He explained that the approach needs to be taken because it is closer to teenagers, as the group in question spends a lot of time using these applications.

However, he explained that the short drama also needs to be shown on television because it has a different target audience.

Previously, Sinar had reported that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) initiatives in disseminating anti-corruption programmes in public and private higher education institutions and at the school level needs to be taken more seriously.

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