Anwar highlights Myanmar issue at Asean Summit

10 May 2023 06:11pm
Anwar Ibrahim. - Bernama Pix
Anwar Ibrahim. - Bernama Pix
LABUAN BAJO - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has highlighted the Myanmar issue and its effect on Malaysia at the 42nd Asean Summit 2023 today.

He said Indonesian President Joko Widodo has alluded in his frank and lucid address challenging regional’s leaders to focus its deliberation on the imperative that ASEAN remains vigilant in safeguarding its freedom, independence, and dignity.

"That challenge by the (ASEAN) chairman includes our capacity and resolve to seek an amicable solution to the Myanmar issue.

"As the result of these protected negotiations, member countries, particularly Malaysia, have to grapple with more than 200,000 Burmese refugees,” he said in his intervention at the summit’s opening and plenary session.

In a recent exclusive interview with the local media, Anwar also called on ASEAN to act more stringent in solving the Myanmar crisis following the recent incident against the convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the country.

"This issue has dragged on so long. Negotiations, constructive engagements. But none helped. There must be a new methodology to help calm the situation,” he said as quoted by Tempo.

Joko Widodo in his opening remarks at the summit said unity is key to promoting peace and growth amidst the currently recovering global economy, the intensifying rivalry, and increasingly unpredictable global dynamics.

"The questions are, is ASEAN going to be a mere bystander, is ASEAN going to do nothing, and is ASEAN capable of being a driver of peace and growth?

"I am certain that we all believe that ASEAN is capable. The key is unity. With unity, ASEAN will be able to be the central force in bringing peace and growth,” the president said. - BERNAMA
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