How to help others with health

12 May 2023 07:10am
Malaysian fitness icon Kevin Zahri - FILE PIX
Malaysian fitness icon Kevin Zahri - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - While it may seem like an almost impossible task to carry for many, Malaysian fitness icon Kevin Zahri revealed just how anybody can help others with health.

Essentially, he laid out two pointers for somebody who is trying to help a friend or family member or anybody in their circle to become a healthier person.

To begin with, they have to ask themselves, "do I walk the talk or not?.

"Am I actually the role model that represents the journey that I want my friend to undertake? If I'm not walking that talk, it's very difficult for me to tell this person what to do," he said.

Kevin went on to explain that the person needs to see you as a role model.

"Does this person see me as a role model when it comes to this or not?," he said.

For example, the fitness influencer shared that his daughter does not see him as a fitness coach and she does not see him as a tennis coach because she sees him as a father.

Therefore, no matter how much the father of two wanted to teach his daughter about fitness and nutrition, she does not look at him in any of those significant ways even though she is in his circle.

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Kevin added that it is important to know what role you play in helping a friend and if you are not able to help them directly, help them get help from somewhere else.

"In this case, me hiring a coach or hiring somebody else to do the things that I perhaps want to do, but have another person to convey the message in a way that they can actually respect and absorb," he added.