Fitness is a lifetime journey

13 May 2023 07:30am
Malaysian fitness icon Kevin Zahri - FILE PIX
Malaysian fitness icon Kevin Zahri - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - Unlike what many may think, Malaysian fitness icon Kevin Zahri argued that fitness is a lifetime journey.

He revealed that the most common problem people encounter is that they focus so much on the short-term versus looking at the journey long-term.

Kevin found that when it comes to weight management or fitness, a lot of people always try to squeeze the success in a very small, short window of time which creates a lot of stress, a lot of negativity and ultimately, "failure" whereas instead, they should focus on it becoming a lifestyle long-term so that the journey becomes more relaxed and more enjoyable.

Furthermore, in regards to time, Kevin noted that people perhaps overlooked the importance of time management.

"A lot of people don't make enough time to actually allow themselves to eat properly or exercise.

"They have to learn to say "no" especially in a working environment if there are certain things that rob you of time, having skills to manage time like saying "no" and prioritising things in your daily schedule." he elaborated.

Interestingly, Kevin said even he found time to be a great challenge to maintain or improve his fitness.

"Time is the most valuable asset that I have and I'm embarking on this journey with her (his daughter) just recently from last year and this year and it's taking up a lot of time, so I am "learning to cope with two different roles while trying to make time for myself" and there are times when it's not so easy, there are times when it's easier.

"For example, when I'm in Malaysia, it's easy because I control my time a lot better, but when we're on the road, travelling for two months with her in Europe, time is very unpredictable and the routine is out of whack a little bit, so I don't have any specific goals.

"My most important goal is to try and stay in the moment and not to think too much about the future." Kevin reflected.

Apart from that, the Germany-born Malaysian also pointed out that no matter how motivated one is, no matter how much time they make for it, if their surroundings are not supporting and cultivating a desired healthy lifestyle, more than likely, the environment will conform them to be how the environment is instead of how they want to be.

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"So to be in an environment that supports your goals healthwise, in terms of fitness that is really important."