First employee care ecosystem in Malaysia

22 May 2023 04:17pm
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With an aim to empower organisations in driving greater employee well-being and work-life balance, the first employee care ecosystem in Malaysia has been initiated by Cocoro Life.

Under this programme, companies will be able to offer their employees complimentary access to perks such as basic health checks, wellness seminars, special discounts on consumer electronics, foods and lifestyle products, as well as recreational workshops for hobbies like cooking, yoga, diffuser making, and home recycling.

Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) and Cocoro Life (Malaysia) managing director Ting Yang Chung said Malaysians spend more than 80 per cent of their time at work or commuting to work. Injecting joy into the workplace is key to strategic talent retention.

Beyond strengthening employer-employee engagement in organisations, the Cocoro Life Employee Care Ecosystem also connects local entrepreneurs and businesses to larger corporate customer bases.

Carefully curated based on their approach to wellness, these partner brands span a variety of industries including food and beverage, beauty, health and wellness, and home living.

Cocoro Life is actively expanding its care ecosystem to Malaysian businesses of all sizes and industries, with a focus on the finance, automotive, education, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunication and government-linked companies.

The brand looks to expand its catalogue of partners to 30 brands and is eyeing adoption by 20 organisations by year-end.

To find out more about Cocoro Life’s Employee Care Ecosystem’s holistic programme, kindly email to [email protected]

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