Cannes Film Festival the go-to-place for collaborations with other countries - Sangeeta

23 May 2023 10:30am
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SHAH ALAM - Cannes Film Festival (CFF) is the go-to place for producers seeking collaboration with other countries, says actress Sangeeta Krishnasamy.

In an interview with Sinar Daily, Sangeeta said there are various opportunities for filmmakers and producers to connect with experts all around the world, adding that there are plenty of countries participating in CCF.

"There are also incentives, for example, Malaysia is giving 30 percent incentives for foreign film productions to come and shoot in our country.

"In the same way, other countries are giving big incentives like Spain, Iran, Brazil, and Taiwan where they are collaborating and co-producing with Malaysia.

"I would encourage Malaysians to come here, it actually opens up the door for co-producing and collaboration with other countries," she said.

Sangeeta took her Instagram by posting her picture at the Cannes Film Festival 2023 with the caption 'Bonjour'.

Being a first-timer to CCF, Sangeeta described the environment as 'vibrant'.

"It's a wonderful and healthy environment, everything is so vibrant, and everyone just wants to talk about film and collaboration.

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"CCF is an environment made for you to go and get ideas and grow in that sense be inspired," she said.

When asked what activities she has been doing throughout the event, Sangeeta said she attends film conferences and virtual productions.

"I've been joining conferences, virtual production, and seeing how much technology has changed, in that sense in terms of filmmaking and where we are and how we need to move forward because people are not using green screen anymore, some are using LED screens to shoot now which saves a lot of money, it's a game changer.

"A lot of Asean countries have started to take part in CCF this year which is why they have the Asean-Europe spotlight where they are trying to connect Asean and European filmmakers in co-financing, co-producing collaboration," she said.

Commenting further, Sangeeta with a high hope aims to bring in a film to CCF next year.

"This is my first time in CFF, I'm here because I'm in producing and filming so I want to know where is the reception Malaysia holds at a festival as big as Cannes.

"I came here because there are so many countries participating, I wanted to speak to them as well and see what kind of movies they are bringing to CFF.

"I am mostly interested in the conferences because you get to meet directors and film producers from all around the world, and speaking to them has given me lots of ideas.

"I'm here this year as an actor and producer, hopefully, next year I will have a film to bring to CFF as I am doing research here on what types of film qualify for Canne," she said.

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