Preacher calls for Twitter App monitoring following alleged sex party in June

23 May 2023 11:06pm
Preacher Syed Mohd Bakri Syed Ishak.
Preacher Syed Mohd Bakri Syed Ishak.

SHAH ALAM - Preacher Syed Mohd Bakri Syed Ishak, also known as PU Syed has called upon the Communications and Multimedia Ministry to monitor Twitter Apps due to concerns over issues that could potentially impact users' beliefs.

He pointed out that discussions on Twitter were openly discussing an alleged free sex party known as the 'Gang Bang JB Party,' which was scheduled to take place in June.

“We are grateful to have brought this issue to light and received a positive response from the Johor state government exco.

"It is possible that they were unaware of the situation, but once informed, their response and actions are aligned with our intentions," he said on his Facebook post today.

He said they are not placing blame on the government but by bringing these issues to light, they hope that the responsible parties would take necessary actions and offer cooperation, even if there are differences in political ideologies.

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PU Syed shared a poster on social media featuring several screenshots of the Twitter posts that were organising the party. Other than displaying the scheduled date of the event, the poster also outlined the terms and conditions for individuals interested in participating in the sex party.

Among the conditions outlined in the poster was for individuals to bring their own condoms to the party. The event was open to participants of all races.

He added among the various issues openly discussed on the platform were topics related to proclaimed prophets, adultery, and apostasy.

“Parties with the authority must take this matter seriously and strict monitoring must be done.

“We are worried that this issue would become prevalent if left unchecked,” he said.