In Kelantan, a couple with 38-year age difference tie to knot

25 May 2023 04:45pm
Nur Arelya with her husband, Mohamed.
Nur Arelya with her husband, Mohamed.

KOTA BHARU - The 38-year age difference between Nur Arelya Azahar, 24, and her husband, Mohamed Saman, 62, often causes confusion, leading many to assume they are a father and daughter.

However, this situation does not hinder the couple from continuing to pursuing their love which has now gone viral after a video was uploaded on TikTok.

Nur Arelya, the fourth of five siblings said she first met her husband in 2019 while working at a food stall.

"My husband enjoys eating nasi kerabu which I prepare almost every day," said the cosmetics trader.

Nur Arelya said her husband's patience and understanding attracted her to share her love with him.

She said initially a lot of people were surprised by her "bold" decision to marry a retired Kota Bharu Land and District Office officer.

"At that time, I was 21 years old, and many did not agree with my decision," she said.

Now into her third year of marriage, she said their bond remains strong.
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Mohamed feeds Nur Arelya.
Mohamed feeds Nur Arelya.

"Throughout our life together, we have never had any arguments, and the love given by my husband makes me forget about the significant age difference.

"We look after each other. My husband has diabetes, while I am a bipolar patient and cannot be left alone, especially in the dark," she said.

Nur Arelya said Mohamed is a good husband even though he is in his golden years and he understands her.

Meanwhile, Mohamed said he had not thought of finding a replacement after his wife's death.

The father of five children said he is grateful to his wife for accepting him despite his age and he was confident that Nur Arelya will take care of him until the end of his life.