Women journalists must not be denied top management posts in media - Farrah

27 May 2023 09:19am
Picture for illustrative purposes only - 123RF
Picture for illustrative purposes only - 123RF

IPOH - Women must be given equal chances at the management level in media organisations to eliminate gender stereotyping which can be an obstacle to women’s rights in the said field.

New Straits Times (NST) Group Editor Farrah Naz Karim said such an issue can be overcome through the support of the government by implementing laws that would require employers to offer gender equality at the top management level.

Gender stereotyping is certainly an obstacle to women’s rights to meaningful progress in implementing human rights obligations.

"Eliminating gender stereotyping would provide an equal opportunity and career for women to succeed in the media industry. However, such opportunities for women will depend on the top management level...everyone knows that this industry has more male domination at the top level.

"Based on ability, performance and achievement, women journalist have also excelled and that would certainly offer valuable contributions to their respective organisation.

"Women leaders in the industry can implement a good system in a said department to ensure a smooth operation in the department too,” she said when appearing on BernamaTV’s talk show Ruang Bicara to discuss the topic of 'Senior Editorial Posts, Women Journalist Lack Proficiency?' here tonight.

Farrah said the evaluation of journalists to become able leaders in a specific organisations must also not be based on the role of a certain gender in the family because men too have a role to play and have the same responsibilities as women in bringing up a family.

"There are also men in high posts who wish to leave early from office to pick up their children from school, not just women. Out there, husband and wife have the same responsibilities in managing their career and family. So don’t just claim that women need to go home early,” she said.

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Meanwhile, National News Agency of Malaysia’s (Bernama) head of Strategic Planning Division Nur-ul Afida Kamaludin said women journalists must be given opportunities to expand their scope at top management level by providing training and guidance as a means of preparing them.

"If they feel they are not given enough opportunities to reach a certain level and they know their position, they (women) should take their own initiative to upgrade themselves.

"Alhamdulillah in Bernama, we can say most of the senior women journalists have been offered or given the right guidance and opportunities to take up higher positions,” she said.

Meanwhile, Digital Sinar Harian Executive Editor Ruzy Adila Idris said the media organisation she works in, has a strong foothold of women in top positions, including the posts of chairman and chief executive officer, although still dominated by men.

"To me, commitment and dedication does not involve gender but depends on the individual. There are times a person will be performing well and there are times when such performance drops due to commitments after setting up a family.

"And we as leaders will have to assist or guide them so that they might not be disappointed,” she said. - BERNAMA