Yahya ensures Johor Bahru Umno will rise again

28 May 2023 12:03am
Johor Bahru Umno division chief Datuk Yahya Jaafar.
Johor Bahru Umno division chief Datuk Yahya Jaafar.

JOHOR BAHRU Johor Bahru Umno division chief Datuk Yahya Jaafar wants to set aside political differences to strengthen the 'spirit of family' as was done previously.

He said all Johor Bahru Umno division members must calm down and come together to realise this.

"Our agenda now is to strengthen the party in the unity government.

"We believe with the cooperation between the central and state governments, Insya-Allah, there would be no issues for Johor Bahru Umno to rise again.

"Thank you to Tan Sri Shahrir, who has given many pointers. I owe a large amount of gratitude to him and will meet him for advice and views because, as a division chief, I’m open and prepared to face criticism," he said when met at the Johor Bahru Umno division re-election on Saturday.

Yahya in the election gained 292 votes compared to Mohd Hairi (260), with one bad vote from 592 representatives who attended the re-election.

The Johor Bahru Umno division election process on March 18 was delayed and postponed after claims of an excess number of votes compared to the number of representatives.

Yahya, the Bandar Baru Uda City Council member, added that he wanted to focus on housing and development issues around Johor Bahru, primarily to fight for the youth to be able to purchase homes.

"The focus on Johor Bahru is primarily geared towards the urban areas and housing issues that must be addressed.

"We know about the current development in Johor Bahru, but there are still youths who have yet to purchase a home," he said.

Yahya said he vowed to continue Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad’s legacy to expand the Malay belt in this state.

"Let’s start from across the sea to Majidee, Larkin, Kampug Melayu, and Uda because the Malay belt is important in deciding the opportunities for the youth to get a home.

"We know in Johor Bahru housing is fundamental, and we are also looking into other matters. That’s why it has become our responsibility to work with the state government for future development, for the sake of the Johor Bahru youth," he said.