Argentina, Malaysia on the path of strengthening and, diversifying their relationship

29 May 2023 05:56pm
 Manuel Jose Balaguer Salas - FILEPIC
 Manuel Jose Balaguer Salas - FILEPIC
KUALA LUMPUR - Every year Argentina and Malaysia continue on the path of strengthening and diversifying their relations, said Argentina’s ambassador to Malaysia Manuel Jose Balaguer Salas.

Salas said Argentina and Malaysia are very close countries, with a historic and endearing relationship that goes back to the Independence days of Malaysia until today.

"Our journey as a nation has not been without challenges. However, we have demonstrated our resilience and ability to come together, finding strength in our diversity and shared aspirations,” he said in his speech at the Argentine National Day event at the Selangor Polo Club Thursday.

In his speech, Salas pointed out that in 2022, Argentina and Malaysia reached a historic peak in their bilateral trade, which stood at US$2 billion.

In sharing the values that define Argentina as a nation, Salas said the Latin American country embrace inclusivity, respect for human rights, and a commitment to social justice.

"Our vibrant culture, rich heritage, and artistic expressions are a testament to our collective spirit and the power of our diversity,” he further said.

The guests at the event also enjoyed a polo match with Argentine players and horses.

Salas said not many people know that polo is one of the most successful international sports in Argentina, with many top-level players.

"Of course, Argentina is better known for being the country of Maradona and Messi, and winning the Football World Cup has brought us joy and pride,” he said -BERNAMA
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