Enforcement officers face death threats from cooking oil cartels, says Salahuddin

29 May 2023 10:27pm

SHAH ALAM - Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub revealed that the government's enforcement officers frequently encountered threats, including death threats from certain parties while monitoring smuggling of cooking oil by cartels in the country.

Salahuddin said that he does not deny the presence of cartels made up of suppliers who are suspected to be involved in the leakage of subsidised cooking oil.

However, he said he will continue confronting the parties and engage in negotiations to ensure that the issue can be resolved.

"Is there a leak (cooking oil supply) or malpractice? Yes, I don't want to be a hypocrite minister.

"So we face it. How to face it, that's our 'skill', our way, because these are industry players.

"You can't violate anything, they are the suppliers" he said.

He said this during the People's Town Hall Program held at the Karangkraf Media Complex, on Monday.

Salahuddin became the fourth guest in the program hosted by Azhar Sulaiman.

Meanwhile, Salahuddin said that the country's monthly requirement for packaged cooking oil is 60 thousand tons.

He said the enforcement officers, with the assistance of the ministry will exert their full authority to regulate and ensure an adequate supply of the product in the market.

"Our sugar needs are about 42 thousand metric tons per month. Those are the basic ingredients that must be in the market.

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"Any misappropriation, hiding or smuggling outside the border, I think every week there are those who are arrested and charged in court," he said.