How Boss James leverages on social media for business growth

Anas Ahmad
29 May 2023 01:02pm
Scroll through TikTok and you might come across one the biggest TikToker in Malaysia, James Ng, or better known as Boss James.

From his humble beginnings, Boss James is now no stranger to the motorcycle business. He also grew up with a father who was a mechanic and his mother who worked as a clerk at a motorcycle shop opening up one of their own.

In an interview, James said he was fortunate enough to get his education in the States as his parents wanted him to be well-educated and learn as much as he could, before returning to Malaysia.

Workshops held at the Boss James motorcycle shop
Workshops held at the Boss James motorcycle shop

“When I came back to Malaysia, I didn't want to go into the motorcycle business because it is a very traditional business”, says Boss James.

He continues, “Malaysians know that this is an ‘under the tree business’ where things are very dirty, unorganised, rough with minimal income."

However, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and eventually, Boss James ventured into his own motorcycle business.

“When we started the business, the worst thing to overcome was sales, and back in those days marketing is not like today”.

He adds, “the only thing I know about marketing ads was Google ads and Facebook ads”.

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After throwing a lot of money into those ads services and only getting minimal returns on sales, he needed to find a better way to market his business and that is when he started to do short video posting.

Now, Boss James has become a household name in TikTok and Malaysian video creator with 4.8 million followers on TikTok, 1.6 million on Facebook, and more than 250, 000 on Instagram.

“This wasn't my initial dream at all, but over the years ever since we reached 500, 000 followers on TikTok there were times I have become lazy and thought that maybe I was ahead of everyone else”.

“But when I slowed down, there were customers asking me why I don’t make more videos? You don’t want to become a TikToker?” said James with a small laugh.

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Boss James then talks about how a lot of people just see short videos as Tiktoker, influencers, or content creators.

“When customers and friends come to me and say, your videos are actually beneficial and inspiring, that is where I think I need to continue”.

When asked about the future, he says he doesn't know how far the name Boss James will carry him and his team.

“I want to make sure that while I still have the impact, influence, and still have the name, I want to use what I have to help the people who have helped me before when I was in bad times.”

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He added that it's not just about getting money, what is more important is about how rich your heart is.

“I want to maintain my situation right now as in I’m really content, really grateful, and really happy with what I have right now.”

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