Many still dissatisfied with the government's efforts in handling inflation, cost of living issues according to survey

30 May 2023 04:33pm
Photo for illustrative purpose. - FILE PIC
Photo for illustrative purpose. - FILE PIC

KUALA LUMPUR - The Unity Government led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is advised to prioritise efforts to reduce inflation and generate economic growth.

Findings from the research conducted by Endeavor-MGC found that around 22 percent of the 1,068 respondents from various races wanted the two issues to be the government's main focus while around 21 percent of the 791 Malay respondents shared the same thoughts.

The research also found that 52 percent of Malay respondents and 46 percent of respondents from from a group comprimising of all races were not satisfied with the Unity Government's performance in dealing with issues related to inflation and cost of living.

Results also showed that only 27 percent of Malay respondents and 32 percent of all races respondents were satisfied with Anwar's administration in dealing with both issues.

Additionally, 57 percent and 48 percent of all races and Malay respondents respectively were satisfied with the Budget 2023 tabled by Anwar who is also the Finance Minister.

However, a total of 59 percent of Malay respondents and 56 percent of all races respondents admitted to receiving benefits from the programmes and financial allocations in the Budget 2023.

Meanwhile, the percentage of Malay respondents who disagree with the government's decision to disallow another Employee Provident Fund (EPF) special withdrawal received the highest vote at 51 percent in addition to 44 per cent vote from respondents of all races

The public opinion survey was conducted through a stratified random sampling from April 4th to 18, with a margin of error between three and 3.5 percent based on the number of registered voters in the Peninsula, as of June 2022. - AWANI

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