Are we bear yet? US officers free back seat critter

31 May 2023 09:06am
Image for illustrative purposes only. - FILE PIX
Image for illustrative purposes only. - FILE PIX

LOS ANGELES, US - A frustrated bear that got itself trapped inside a parked car was freed by creative US sheriff deputies, who used a rope to open the door.

The black bear managed to climb into the vehicle parked in a Nevada neighborhood, presumably looking for food, and then found itself stuck when the door slammed shut.

Officers from Washoe County Sheriff's Department, alerted to the stranded creature, devised a plan to free it.

Footage filmed by the department shows one officer carefully tying a yellow rope around the back door handle before beating a hasty retreat.

Once safely tucked away behind a few decent-sized objects, the officer tugs on the rope, and the door swings open.

Seconds later the bear emerges, then scarpers across a few yards and into the woods, leaving behind the badly mangled interior of the black SUV, apparently torn apart in the search for a means of escape.

Black bears, which can grow up to 600 pounds (270 kilograms), are omnivores with a powerful sense of smell that sometimes leads them to forage for food amongst humans.

"Spring is an active time for our Tahoe bear population and a good reminder to be bear-aware when enjoying the beautiful outdoors," Washoe County Sheriff's Department tweeted on Sunday.

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"Be mindful of food wrappers, coolers, and scented items in vehicles. Avoid leaving food in cars... Do not feed the bears!" - AFP