Was it a dare, accident, or shark encounter? Speculations after teen falls of ship

31 May 2023 04:06pm
A teenage baseball star is missing at sea after jumping off a cruise.

Picture source : Holrmagazine
A teenage baseball star is missing at sea after jumping off a cruise. Picture source : Holrmagazine

LOUISIANA, US - Teenage baseball star Cameron Robbins has gone missing at sea after jumping off a cruise ship.

The18-year-old baseball prodigy from Louisiana, USA is said to have accepted a dare to leap off a cruise ship on May 24 during a graduation boating trip in the Bahamas, as recounted by witnesses on board.

it is believed that the teenager, who had recently graduated from the University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, was captured on film as he jumped into the water, mere feet away from the boat.

Tragically, after the jump, he vanished without a trace.

Holr Magazine reported that an employee of the boat, Blackbeard's Revenge said it is unclear why the boy jumped into the water and how he went missing.

In the haunting video that was shared on the social app Snapchat, Cameron can be seen wearing only his swimming trunks before abruptly vanishing.

Passengers onboard were stunned Cameron jumped off as one person can be heard exclaiming:

"Oh my God. Oh, bye...bye... "

Concerns quickly grew for the teenager as one person shouted "Grab the buoy.. grab the buoy."

It was also reported that there is an on-going search and rescue operations to locate Robbins as it has been days since his disappearance.

The video that is currently circulating online has garnered attention from the public, concerned over the incident. Some have alleged that Cameron was dared by his friends to jump off the boat, while others have speculated that he may have fallen into the water while unconscious.

There are also claims suggesting that the waters may have been infested with sharks.

TikTok user @ldj199708 said he didn't fall but he was dared by his friends.

"He didn’t fall. He jumped. His friend dared him and he did it.

"People watching said they saw a shark but don’t know if that is confirmed, but he jumped into dark water. So sad," she said.

Another user @dreamer4224 reminded everyone to be cautious and to not get involved in foolish dares.

"This has to be one of the saddest videos I’ve seen in a while, it gives a whole new meaning to be careful whose riding in your boat. Never do a dare," the person said.

Meanwhile another user @nugget said "I mean he’s definitely not alive. Even if he didn’t get attacked by a shark or some other thing, nobody can tread open water like that for long."

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