Pas Penang Chief tells Lim Guan Eng to focus on topic at hand when it comes to Penang-Kedah matter

31 May 2023 09:22pm
 Fauzi (left) and Lim (right). (FILE PHOTO)
Fauzi (left) and Lim (right). (FILE PHOTO)

SHAH ALAM - "Stay on topic, don't sidetrack," Penang Pas Chief Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff tells DAP Chairman Lim Guan Eng amidst debates over the Penang-Kedah land claims.

He said Lim has gone off track when the later started talking about the state’s sovereignty and Federal Constitution.

He said it was the Kedah government’s prerogative if they wanted to talk about the matter so long as it based on factual information and historical evidence.

Fauzi said Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor's statement was focused on the land leased to Penang and paid by the Federal Government yearly since 2018.

“The issue at hand is about the land lease agreement between Penang and Kedah. Why did Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders had to sidetrack and bring in the Federal Constitution?

“The land and lease issue is not something new and it is between the state of Penang, Kedah and the Federal Government.

“You must walk and talk based on facts but instead you are bringing in another set of elements into the picture,” he told Sinar Daily today.

Fauzi said Lim was now talking gibberish by bringing issues of sovereignty and rights of the people, stating that this was a land issue between the state governments.

He said Lim should not rope in the people to incite feelings of animosity.

“DAP is part of today’s government, they should be professional and try to ensure it is a win-win situation for all as we are Malaysians living in Malaysia,” he said.

Fauzi added that historically, Penang was part of Kedah and that something that could not be denied but it does not mean Kedah was going to “take” the Penang state away from the people of Penang.

Lim, who is former Penang chief minister and Bagan MP, had earlier said Sanusi’s statement that Penang belongs to Kedah was heartbreaking and insulting to the people of the state.

He had also said that it challenged the sovereignty of Penang, undermined national unity and disrespected the Federal Constitution.

He had also called 1.8 million Penangites to lodge a police report to press for action against Sanusi in a bid to protect Penang and prevent “political interlopers” from invading their state to ensure the people can continue living their lives peacefully and enjoy prosperity.

Lim had also questioned the stand of the Pas leadership and Perikatan Nasional allies namely Bersatu and Gerakan on Sanusi’s statement over the pass few days.

On Monday, Sanusi insisted that Penang belongs to the state as Kedah only has a state border with Perak and Perlis.

Sanusi also claimed that his party did not need to take back the state because Penang never “seperated” from Kedah.

Last year, Sanusi had demanded that his state be paid RM100 million instead of the RM10 million annually.

Sanusi was also reported saying that it should be more than RM100 million as the alleged land lease value was purportedly to be at least RM500 million, but he was willing to accept settling for around RM300 million in annual payments.