Penang rights are Malaysian rights, Pas question Guan Eng's motives over sovereignty issue

01 Jun 2023 07:53pm
Penang Pas Chief Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff (PHOTO SOURCE: Ustaz Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff)
Penang Pas Chief Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff (PHOTO SOURCE: Ustaz Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff)

SHAH ALAM - Penang Pas Chief Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff has questioned DAP Chairman Lim Guan Eng's motives for promoting the notion that the Northern state's sovereignty was being challenged by Kedah and its Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

He said this was an administrative issue between the two states and federal government on land leasing thus Lim did not need to drag the people into it.

He said Lim was inciting fear to the people of Penang as though Kedah would "steal" their rights away.

"There is nothing to be afraid of over this issue, we are all Malaysians here regardless if you live in Penang or Kedah.

"Why are you suddenly pushing this whole Penang rights issue unless you want to be a new state?

"If you (Lim) want Penang to be the new Singapore, only then the Penangites should be afraid because that would mean they would separated from Malaysia, you would lose your citizenship and your rights as Malaysians," he told Sinar Daily.

Fauzi reiterated that this should be between the governments, not the people as it was an administrative matter.

He said if Kedah's claims were backed by concrete reasons that were supported by evidence, then they have the right to continue discussions on it.

History has shown that Penang did belong to Kedah, he said, adding that the federal government was currently paying RM10,000 annually to the latter since 2018.

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"If not, what is the RM10,000 payment for?” he said.

Fauzi added that there were no discussions in Pas about Penang "joining" Kedah, as the issue was about lease payments.

He said the Penang government needed to realise that the state relied on Kedah's natural resources such as water for daily necessities.

"I am not pro-Kedah but I am talking rationally. We need to understand that we rely on them for certain things so discussions must be a win-win situation.

"We are "serumpun" (come from the same roots), we eat the same food, we speak nearly the same dialect, people living in Penang work in Kedah and Kedahans work in Penang.

"The people of Penang are not bothered by this whole Penang-Kedah issue but what we are worried is if we become another Singapore," he said.

Fauzi reminded DAP leaders to be more thoughtful with statements that could spark hatred and disharmony.

On Wednesday, Lim, who is former Penang chief minister and Bagan MP, had said Sanusi’s statement that Penang belongs to Kedah was not only insulting to Penangites but it also challenged the sovereignty of Penang, undermined national unity and disrespected the Federal Constitution.

Today, Lim and Jelutong MP RSN Rayer among others lodged a police report against Sanusi from his statement "Penang belongs to Kedah" that was against the Federal Constitution seditious, dangerous and threatened the harmony and security of the country.

Lim again had said that he hoped 1.8 million Penangites would come forward and lodge a report against Sanusi and protect Penang's sovereignty.