‘Selangor state assembly to be dissolved 23 days from now’ - Selangor MB

03 Jun 2023 02:24pm
Amirudin (third from right) at presenting donation for the upcoming Aidiladha at MBSA Convention Centre, here, on Saturday.
Amirudin (third from right) at presenting donation for the upcoming Aidiladha at MBSA Convention Centre, here, on Saturday.

SHAH ALAM - Selangor State Legislative Assembly will be dissolved 23 days from today, said Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari.

Amirudin said if no announcement of dissolution is made, it would be automatically dissolved on June 25 after the end of the term.

“The state assembly will be dissolved in the near future. We have no time left because June 25 is the last date.

“This means we can only postpone it for 23 days from today. After that date, it will definitely be dissolved,” he said when met during an event at MBSA Convention Centre, here, today.

However, he said Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris needed to grant consent for the exact date of dissolution.

“I am in no position to announce the date because I need to get His Majesty’s consent first.

“I am currently waiting for His Majesty to consent to the hearing session (to determine the dissolution date).

“Last week, I had an audience with His Majesty and His Majesty is also considering the dissolution date,” he said.

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Moreover, he said the action of some state government exco sharing updates of vacating their office is normal before the state election.

He said the offices were vacated to enable full focus on the state election after the dissolution of the state assembly, which would be done any time now.

“It's a normal thing when the term ends. After this, their job is to implement things as planned before and no new policy will be made.

"I was in a similar situation during the previous term. We will clear the office when we know the state assembly will be dissolved.

"Even if one is appointed as an exco again, it does not necessarily mean they will hold the same portfolio. So, many things needed to be done and packed apart from collecting previously done reports. This is common practice," he said, commenting on several exco members who had started vacating their office.

Among them were Housing, Urban Wellbeing and Entrepreneurs Development exco Rodziah Ismail and Selangor Standing Committee on Investment, Trade, Industry and Small and Medium Industries (SMEs) chairman Datuk Teng Chang Khim.