Pas extends invitation to Umno for Muslim and Malay unity

04 Jun 2023 05:50pm
Nuridah and screenshot of Dewan Muslimat Pas' statement on Facebook.
Nuridah and screenshot of Dewan Muslimat Pas' statement on Facebook.

SHAH ALAM - Pas Muslimat has extended a crucial invitation to Umno, urging them to unite for the cause of Muslim and Malay unity to strengthen the ummah by laying the foundation of unity.

Its leader Nuridah Mohd Salleh said that Umno should seize the opportunity to unite under the "big tent."

While it may seem appealing from the outside, internal challenges need to be addressed, she added.

Calling for a bold step, Nuridah urged Umno to align with the right bloc in order to safeguard religion, race, and the nation.

"We urge Umno leaders to uphold their principles and elevate the authority of their leadership

"Umno leaders should not pledge their dignity and fight principle just because of the position offered by PH," she said on Facebook earlier today.

Commenting further, Nuridah highlighted that Umno leaders should be mindful that despite holding positions of power, they are constrained by the influence of leaders from other parties in the current government.

She urged Umno members to consider this reality and make a conscious decision.

Nuridah firmly believed that Umno members should not let their destiny be determined by problematic leaders within the party.

She expressed concern that "these leaders" are preoccupied with personal issues, hindering progress.

In a related matter, Nuridah has urged Umno to recognise the ongoing economic crisis plaguing the country, leading to a devaluation of the ringgit.

She criticised capitalists for prioritising profits over the well-being of the people.

"Hence, prioritise the people's interests over personal sentiments and work towards a better future for all," she added.