Politically Frank: 'Stop racial division, hatred to win elections', MP Sany Hamzan tells PN

07 Jun 2023 09:00am
Hulu Langat MP Sany Hamzan advised political parties not to use religious or hateful sentiments in state elections.
Hulu Langat MP Sany Hamzan advised political parties not to use religious or hateful sentiments in state elections.

SHAH ALAM - With the state elections approaching, the heat is on with opposition attempting to sway voters through religious and hate sentiments.

But Hulu Langat MP Mohd Sany Hamzan said Pakatan Harapan (PH) would not tread down this road as it would be better to furnish voters with information, facts, and explanations.

"During our campaigns, we should focus on delivering accurate and factual information.

"When they (voters) go to polling stations, they should have the information to understand why they should vote for a particular party.

"Not based on slander, deceit or falsehoods," he said during Sinar Daily's Politically Frank.

He firmly believes that all political parties should prioritise a sense of responsibility and honesty.

In addition to that, Sany said Malaysia's political style and culture should exude unwavering integrity to resonate with the nation's 65 years of independence.

"We should refrain from playing games just to secure votes or achieve victory through politics of racial division, hatred, deception, slander, and similar tactics.

"I believe that as a community and as citizens of our country, we should move beyond such a political culture," he said, adding that this includes education, defence, foreign, economic, among others

Meanwhile, he proposed that in order to mitigate these racist sentiments on platforms such as TikTok, it is crucial for the nation to uphold the official religion and safeguard the sovereignty of the country.

"Recently, for example (there were claims that), if we were to give our vote to this person, they would allow LGBT rights.

"The past four months, we have witnessed Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim become the Prime Minister of Malaysia and it did not happen.

"Moreover, there are claims that our country will be governed by communists," he said.

Sany said such claims are inconsistent with Malaysia's identity where Islam is the official religion.

Furthermore, he considers the allegations suggesting that Christianity will replace the official religion as unfounded and lacking evidence.

"We must ask, which (version of) Islam is being threatened? These false claims aim at destabilising our institutions of monarchy, religion, and the rights of Malays within our country.

"On the contrary, we will uphold the religion of Islam, the institution of the monarchy, the Malay language, as well as the sovereignty and special privileges of the Malays and the people of Sabah and Sarawak in our country." Sany explained.

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