Man hits female driver on head for attempting to overtake his car, say cops

06 Jun 2023 09:46pm
A screenshot of viral video of a man hitting the lady on the head
A screenshot of viral video of a man hitting the lady on the head
SHAH ALAM - A 59-second video of a man verbally abusing and physically assaulting a female driver has gone viral on social media.

In the clip, a chubby man wearing a red shirt is seen approaching the victim's car and forcefully knocking on her window.

He then proceeds to berate her, accusing her of driving recklessly.

The young lady wearing glasses opens her car window to explain her side but her explanation doesn't seem to calm the man down, further escalating the situation.

The man starts shouting, accusing her of endangering people's lives while pointing his finger near her face.

He threatens her, saying he will slap her and resorts to name-calling, referring to her as a 'pig' while shouting again.

Suddenly, the man leans towards the victim and forcefully pushes her head, leaving her too shocked to respond.

He then turns his attention to the passenger seated next to the victim, threatening them before walking off.

It has been reported that the 29-year-old man who works as a factory supervisor has been arrested in Serdang, Selangor.
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Perak Police Chief, Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said the arrest was made following a police report lodged by the 24-year-old woman at Saujana Utama Police Station, Sungai Buloh.

He said preliminary investigations found that the incident took place at 5.33pm when the victim and her 17-year-old younger brother were on their way down from Cameron Highlands to Tapah.

"The woman allegedly attempted to overtake the Proton Persona car driven by the suspect but failed. Following this, the man reportedly made obscene gestures near Lata Iskandar.

"The man then got out of the vehicle and knocked on the windshield of the car driven by the victim. The victim was not only scolded and hit on the head but also faced threats during the incident," he said in his statement here today.

According to Yusri, a check on the registration number of the car the man was driving in found that it was registered in the name of a woman with an address at Tanjong Karang, Selangor.

He said that efforts to track down the suspect had been successfully made around Serdang area.

The suspect will be taken to the Tapah District Police Headquarters (IPD) for further investigation. The case is being investigated under Section 325/506/509 of the Penal Code, he said.

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