Singaporean comedian insults M'sia with MH370, no internet, 'f--k you' outburst in New York club

07 Jun 2023 04:43pm
Jocelyn Chia - @comedycellarusa (TikTok)
Jocelyn Chia - @comedycellarusa (TikTok)

SHAH ALAM - Singaporean comedian, Jocelyn Chia began her standup routine at Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, New York by making jokes that insults Malaysia's economic development and the tragic disappearance of MH370.

Chia opened her routine by sharing the history of Singapore to the audience.

“After we gained independence from the British we were a struggling as little nation and in order to survive we formed a union with a larger and more powerful country, Malaysia,” she said.

After making the statement, she asked one of the audience members about their origin and upon learning that the person was from Malaysia, she responded by saying, "F--k you a--holes."

"Singapore became a first world country, whereas Malaysia is still a developing country. Malaysia, what are you now, still a developing country? F--k you, Malaysia."

“Isn’t that the best breakup revenge,” she said.

She also said Malaysian planes cannot fly and Malaysian airlines going missing is not funny.

“Some jokes don’t land,” she said.

“The joke kills in Singapore,” she added.

There was a Malaysian audience who said: "You will get a bad yelp review from Malaysians".

Then she proceeded to insult Malaysia for not having internet connection by saying “That’s okay, they don’t have internet, “she said.

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