Chill over Chia: Nazri says don't be "thin-skinned" over Jocelyn's jokes

08 Jun 2023 01:44pm
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SHAH ALAM - Malaysian Ambassador to the United States Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has asked all Malaysians who are upset with Jocelyn Chia, the stand-up comedian who insulted Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines MH370 in a comedy club in New York, to calm down.

He told Sinar Daily that Malaysians and whoever else that was up in arms over the comment to “not be such a thin-skinned person”.

Thin-skinned person means a person who are easily upset by criticism or unpleasantness.

“My comment (on the matter is) why not pick a stone put it on the ground and then say this is your father’s head and then stamp your foot on it!” he said in a text message, stating that this was for all Malaysian and Singaporeans who are up in arms over the issue.

Nazri said we should not be childish about the situation, citing memories that when we were young we would get upset when someone insulted us or those close to us.

Before being appointed ambassador, Nazri was the Padang Rengas MP, Tourism and Culture Minister and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in charge of legal affairs.

A video surfaced on social media yesterday depicting Chia during a stand-up routine at Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, New York by making jokes that insults Malaysia's economic development and the tragic disappearance of MH370.

She later asks members of the audience where they were from, of which one person answered Malaysia. She responded by saying, "F--k you a--holes”.

Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia Vanu Gopala Menon has apologised to Malaysia over Chia's crude jokes as it "does not in any way reflect our views,".He also stated that she was no longer a Singaporean citizen.

Chia has since deleted her Instagram account.

Offensive routines and incentive jokes have long been part of stand-up comedy in America. However, today, it has become a central discussion points over tolerating offensive opinions, “cancel culture” and freedom of speech.

Sinar Daily has approached US Ambassador to Malaysia Brian McFeeters today on the matter but he has declined to comment.