Controversial comedian Jocelyn Chia faces calls for stricter measures and legal action in M'sia

09 Jun 2023 12:05pm
Jocelyn Chia - @comedycellarusa (TikTok)
Jocelyn Chia - @comedycellarusa (TikTok)

SHAH ALAM - Stand-up comedian Jocelyn Chia, known for her controversial performances, is facing calls for stricter measures and legal action to prevent her entry into Malaysia.

Malaysian International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) secretary-general Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim has urged the government to investigate Chia's whereabouts thoroughly and seek cooperation from the country in which she resides.

Hishamuddin emphasised the importance of filing a criminal report through the Malaysian embassy in the country where Chia insulted Malaysia and made insensitive jokes about the MH370 incident.

"MHO firmly believes that individuals who exhibit such disrespectful behavior should be barred from entering Malaysia, and the Malaysian Immigration Department should take appropriate action.

Highlighting the inadequacy of current entry restrictions, Hishamuddin stressed the necessity of implementing stricter measures, including urging the country where Chia performed to take legal action against her.

To this end, he proposed that Wisma Putra initiate civil proceedings through the Malaysian embassy, aiming to hold Chia accountable for her actions.

Hishamuddin hoped that this case would serve as an example, ensuring that Chia takes responsibility for the damage caused.

He further argued that Chia should compensate the Malaysian government for tarnishing the country's reputation globally.

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Calling for diplomatic channels to be utilised, Hishamuddin urged the Malaysian government to send a protest note to the country where Chia obtained her new citizenship, enabling appropriate actions against the former Singaporean citizen.

"The government's sincere attention to this matter is crucial, not only in denying Chia entry into Malaysia but also in pursuing legal action against her," Hishamuddin concluded.

"The strict actions are important to ensure an example is set for any individual or group that attempts or wants to tarnish the country's good name," he said.