Missing Malaysian in Thailand contacted mother, asked her to withdraw police report

10 Jun 2023 05:06pm
Chee Choy Won (right) during the press conference at DAP Johor Headquarters at Kulai on Saturday.
Chee Choy Won (right) during the press conference at DAP Johor Headquarters at Kulai on Saturday.

KULAI - Mother of missing 22-year old Malaysian Chong Sum Yee in Thailand reveals that her daughter had contacted her and asked to withdraw the police report.

Chee Choy Won, 50, said her daughter, who goes by Angie, had contacted her via WhatApp messaging app and later called her last night.

"Angie had contacted me through WhatsApp yesterday, telling me she was in Thailand but without explaining any other details. I tried to contact her again last night but she didn't answer.

"Not long after that, she called me back and said she was fine and was very happy there, but she sounded a little depressed.

"In fact, she also asked me to withdraw the police report I had lodged before ending the call. After the call, she couldn't be reached again and she didn't read the text I sent on WhatsApp," she said.

Chee said this in a press conference conducted by Johor DAP Political Education director Alan Tee Boon Tsong at Johor DAP Headquarters at Taman Tropika, here, today.

She said she was at a loss thinking about her daughter’s safety and although her instincts told her that Angie was safe, she could not help but felt worried that the latter had became a victim of human trafficking and job syndicate.

She said she started to believe Angie had been trapped in the syndicate after meeting the police at Mae Sai District in Chiang Rai provide in Bangkok last Wednesday.

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Meanwhile, Tee said him and Chee had gone to Chiang Mai, Thailand on June 4 after after receiving a call from the country's police department regarding Angie's disappearance.

"As soon as we arrived at the airport, the Thai police had began their investigation.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Thai police for informing that Angie had came to Thailand, the destinations she went to, who she met and which hotel she stayed in.

"However, the police in Chiang Rai informed that the victim had likely gone to Myanmar," he said.

On June 7, the police confirmed that they received a report on the recent disappearance of a Malaysian woman in Chiang Mai, Thailand and was cooperating with the Thai police on the probe.

Police secretary Datuk Noorsiah Mohd Saaduddin said the victim's mother had lodged a report on June 2, stating that Chong was missing in the neighbouring country.

She said the Thai police were actively searching for the victim with assistance from International Police (Interpol), the Malaysian police and authorities in Myanmar among others.

It was later reported on the same day, that Chong appeared in three online videos to prove that she is 'safe and healthy."

The videos have been posted by a Facebook user named 'Moe Aye' in the comment section of a post made by her mother. All of the videos are believed to have been recorded from another phone.

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