UN chief warns social media amplifying hate worldwide

15 Jun 2023 10:15am
Photo for illustrative purpose only. - FILE PIX
Photo for illustrative purpose only. - FILE PIX

TORONTO, Canada - UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres warned Wednesday that social media services are providing a ‘loudspeaker’ for hate.

"Social media has equipped hatemongers with a global bullhorn for bile," Anadolu Agency reported Guterres said at a Security Council session on 'The Values of Human Fraternity in Promoting and Sustaining Peace'.

"Today, no conspiracy is too outrageous to find a vast audience; no falsehood too absurd to feed an online frenzy," said the UN chief.

Guterres noted that unsubstantiated claims or outright lies can swiftly gain unwarranted legitimacy, being presented alongside verified facts and scientific evidence.

"They are often embraced and even promoted by political leaders," he added.

The session was presided by the United Arab Emirates.

Guterres also said every faith summons the imperatives of human fraternity, mutual respect and understanding.

"These universal values animate the United Nations Charter and are at the core of our work for peace, justice and human rights," said the UN chief.

Emphasising that preserving peace and preventing war is the raison d'être of the Security Council, Guterres said that threats to peace can come in many forms.

He also noted that competition for power and resources, human rights violations, weak governance, extreme poverty, marginalisation and inequalities are all threats against peace.

Hinting at the Neo-Nazi white supremacist movements as the top and fastest-growing internal security threat in several countries, Guterres said, around the world, we are witnessing a groundswell of xenophobia, racism and intolerance, violent misogyny, anti-Muslim hatred, virulent anti-Semitism, and attacks on minority Christian communities.

During an afternoon session at the Council, member states are expected to vote on a draft resolution pointing out that acts such as hate speech, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, gender discrimination and extremism lead to conflict, it added. - BERNAMA - ANADOLU AGENCY

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