Local Government Development Ministry: Govt to standardise planning permission approval improvements at state level, local authorities

18 Jun 2023 05:32pm
Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming - BERNAMA
Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming - BERNAMA

PUTRAJAYA - The government is planning to establish an approach at the federal level to standardise the improvements of the planning permission approval process at the state level, as well as the local authorities (PBTs).

The Local Government Development Ministry (KPKT) said it took into account the effectiveness of the approach implemented in several PBTs, which proved to have a positive impact on investment and economic development.

Efforts and initiatives are being implemented to simplify and shorten the approval period for development plans, especially on planning permission, said KPKT in a statement today.

It said that one of the main recommendations was through the OSC 3.0 Plus improvement initiative.

Through the method, KPKT said that applications will be classified and processed based on the category and purpose of development such as industrial, housing, commercial, mixed development, public facilities and minor planning permission for renovation.

It said that based on the classification, each application will be considered through a different procedure, and can further shorten the planning permission approval period.

It added that the improvement process will be implemented in 10 PBTs first as a pilot project.

Next, it said that the proposed improvements will be fine-tuned through engagement sessions with state authorities and PBTs, to prepare a manual to standardise processes and procedures which involve changes to the existing process flow.

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The improvement proposal is able to drive increased productivity and economic growth of the PBT, the state and the country, it said.

It added that it was driven by increasing competence and efficiency, setting clear responsibilities and transparent accountability and strengthening the roles of all parties involved. - BERNAMA