Selangor Malays likely to turn their back on Pas and vote for Umno, predict experts

19 Jun 2023 06:42pm
Picture for illustrative purposes - FILE PIX by Bernama
Picture for illustrative purposes - FILE PIX by Bernama

SHAH ALAM - Political experts predict that Umno is poised to gain more votes in Selangor as Malays in the state are likely to shift away from Pas.

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Political Science Association Professor Dr Syaza Shukri believes that there may be specific areas where Malays will choose Umno, such as constituencies in Sabak Bernam and Hulu Selangor.

"Although PN (Perikatan Nasional) won in GE15 (15th General Election), the circumstances have changed since then.

"Since Umno is now aligned with the government, voters can evaluate the stability of the unity government, which may lead former Umno supporters to return to the party," she said.

She also mentioned that some Umno voters might hesitate due to their association with PH (Pakatan Harapan), but the extent to which PN utilises this narrative during their campaign will play a significant role.

Meanwhile, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Political Science professor Datuk Dr Jayum Anak Jawan believes that some Malays will still vote for Umno, while others may choose Pas or Bersatu.

"The support received by these parties in the previous GE15 is likely to continue in the future. We won't see a single primary party among the Malays, as PKR, Umno, Bersatu, and Pas will continue to compete," said Jayum.

He also noted that the parties will not necessarily outperform their previous performance in the last GE15.

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"Voting for Umno essentially means voting for PH. This is because PKR, DAP, and Umno are partners in the unity government," he added, referring to the current scenario unless there is a change in the upcoming state general elections in the six states.

Nusantara Academy for Strategic Research senior fellow Dr Azmi Hassan stated that Malays are likely to vote for Umno since Umno supporters govern the country.

"It's not just Selangor, but in other states as well. When they vote for Umno candidates, they are essentially voting for PH or the unity government, which includes DAP, and this is a significant concern," said Azmi.

He stressed that the challenge lies not in persuading the grassroots to support their candidates but rather in supporting PH candidates because the alternatives are not as appealing.

"If they do not want to support PH, they may support Pas or Bersatu, which were highly appealing to them during GE15," he added.