Sanusi vows to correct historical distortions in Kedah and Penang

21 Jun 2023 11:57pm
Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.
Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

ALOR SETAR - The Kedah government is committed to rectifying historical inaccuracies regarding Kedah and Penang that were distorted during the pre-independence era.

Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said there is a need to correct the exploitation of Kedah's history, which occurred under British rule, after historians uncovered new facts through various studies.

Sanusi expressed concern that if the current generation does not rectify these distortions, society will continue to accept inaccurate historical narratives influenced by parties with vested interests.

"When we genuinely desire to correct the historical distortions regarding Kedah, we must support this endeavor if it is based on accurate facts from that time. The correction must happen now," he said.

He stressed the importance of rectifying this situation through the efforts of informed individuals who possess knowledge, conduct research, and actively work towards historical accuracy.

Speaking at a press conference following the final Exco meeting before the dissolution of the Kedah State Assembly, Sanusi questioned the wisdom of historians who claimed that Kedah's lease of Penang was null and void.

"Some experts have stated that the lease (of Penang) was nullified. Such a viewpoint reflects the perspective of an individual who may have been influenced by a distorted system," he said.

Historian Professor Datuk Dr Ramlah Adam clarified on Tuesday that the lease of Penang was terminated upon the signing of the 1948 Treaties of the Federation of Malaya (PPTP) by the Malay Rulers and British representative Sir Edward Gent.

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According to historical records and the agreement letter from 1978, Francis Light had merely leased Penang from Kedah, with annual payments being made.

Sanusi affirmed his support for the directive of Kedah Sultan, Sultan Sallehuddin Sultan Badlishah, who expressed concerns about the history of Kedah and Penang on the occasion of His Majesty's birthday last Sunday.

Sultan Sallehuddin emphasised that the formation of Malaysia should not result in erasing Kedah's longstanding history.

"No party should disregard the orders of the Kedah Sultan because they are based on factual accuracy. The Kedah Sultanate is the oldest in the world and has been ruled by the same family without interruption since pre-Islamic times until the first Kedah Sultan's conversion to Islam in 1136," Sanusi explained.

He stressed the importance of correcting any historical distortions for the benefit of future generations.

"Are we willing to live in a distorted history forever? Personally, I am not. If there are those who are willing, it is because they have a vested interest in maintaining the distortion. On our part, we have an interest in correcting what has been distorted," he declared.

Sanusi clarified that the intention behind addressing this issue is in line with Sultan Sallehuddin's wishes and not to incite conflicts.

"Our aim is not to pick fights with anyone. There is no reason to engage in conflicts simply to correct the situation. The correction must be based on research, not personal desires," he stressed.

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