Get children more involved with house chores, says mompreneur

22 Jun 2023 01:09pm
#timetoreconnect was a campaign to promote awareness of the energy and time demands of household chores. -Filepic
#timetoreconnect was a campaign to promote awareness of the energy and time demands of household chores. -Filepic

It’s time for mothers out there to teach their children how to do house chores.

Caring Moms founder Sheera Ann Bosco said mothers should encourage kids to do house chores as well, instead of only giving them toys to play with.

Sheera said this at the #timetoreconnect campaign by dobiQueen which aims to promote awareness of the energy and demands of household chores.

Encouraging them to do house chores will instill good habits and a sense of responsibility, ultimately forming the basis of their future selves.

“We always hear mothers telling their kids; no do not touch it, or let me do it. Let’s change this habit,” she said.

After hearing multiple stories shared by women, she also added that she has a better understanding of the problems that many mothers face in today’s context.

"House chores are most of the time predominantly a woman’s responsibility, and as a result, we’ve seen many women struggle and find it impossible to find the time to do basic things, for instance, attend an up-skilling course that will be beneficial to them," she added.

Meanwhile, dobiQueen co-founder and chief executive officer Nini Tan, told everyone during the event that she witnessed how much her working mother struggled when it came to juggling her time between office work and house chores.

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"She was constantly exhausted after finishing up the house chores, and the little time that I had with her affected me drastically during my childhood.

"This is why I am committed to delivering a seamless and effective service through dobiQueen, in the hopes that families will have more time to reconnect with their loved ones," she explained.

The six-hour washing service by dobiQueen, her most recent invention, completely transforms the market in Malaysia. Customers may quickly drop off their laundry outside their unit and pick it up six hours later, perfectly cleaned, dried, and folded.

The #timetoreconnect campaign encourages women to reevaluate how they spend their time on household duties in order to prioritise activities that will benefit them and their loved ones in the long run.

The campaign, is also supported by the Women, Family, and Community Development Ministry (KPWKM) in partnership with ReKindle Therapy and Caring Moms.

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