Is Lokman now the defender of DAP, Ti questions after attacks on MCA, MIC

22 Jun 2023 09:47pm
Ti Lian Ker
Ti Lian Ker
SHAH ALAM - MCA has labelled Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam as a spokesperson for DAP following Lokman's previous statement characterising MIC and MCA as 'living monitor lizards' within the BN coalition.

MCA's Deputy President, Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker said that Lokman, who was previously known as 'No DAP,' is now seen as a defender of the party.

"Congratulations to DAP, who is the real 'traitor' after all?" Ti questioned.

"Repent and refrain from further disgracing our party members," he said in his Facebook page, today.

Yesterday, Lokman, in an interview with MalaysiaGazette, said that MCA and MIC are like "living monitor lizards" being carried by Umno, as they are unable to garner Chinese and Malay support to uphold Barisan Nasional (BN).

Ti said Lokman does not need to seek his fading popularity by attacking BN component parties.

"MCA, throughout its tenure with the BN family, has consistently practiced moderation in politics and respected diversity."

"Does Lokman want MCA to be an extremist and chauvinistic party just to gain votes, at the expense of harmony in Malaysia's multicultural society?" he asked.

Ti also criticised Lokman for being good at blaming others while the actual defeat of BN was due to several factors, including the loss of support from the Chinese and Indian communities.
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"BN, which leans more towards the spirit of nationalism based on the constitution and Malays, has been fiercely opposed by DAP, leading to the 'Setapak Declaration'," he said, adding that the declaration opposes of the separation between "bumiputera' and 'non-bumiputera".

He said DAP began gaining support from various ethnic groups through the narrative of political equality and the elimination of bumiputera privileges.